School Wide Expectations of Students

  1. I am expected to show consideration, courtesy, and respect to others and their property.
  2. I am expected to be responsible for any missed assignments due to tardiness, truancy or illness.
  3. I am expected to walk quietly and safely to, and from all activities in an orderly manner.  Common sense and safety are my guides.
  4. I am expected to avoid the use of profane and inappropriate language and gestures.
  5. In poor weather, I may enter the building and wait in the regular entrance area until the bell at 8:30 AM
    or 12:40 PM.
  6. I am expected to wear clean, dry footwear in the school. If I have boots or wet footwear I will remove or clean them.  I will put on suitable footwear for use in school.  Fire regulations state that students should always have footwear on at all times.
  7. If I remain at school for lunch, I am expected to eat lunch in my classroom only and behave appropriately by showing due respect for others.
  8. I am expected to remove headgear upon entering the school and not wear it at all in the school.
  9. If I must leave the school during the school day, I will notify my teacher and sign out at the office.  When coming in late, I am to report to the office staff to sign in on my arrival at school.
  10. I am expected to leave school promptly at dismissal time, unless involved in a supervised activity, and report home or to a location determined by my parents or guardian.
  11. I am expected to treat all school property (walls, desks, lockers, books, etc.) with care and respect and if I do not I am expected to pay for the damage.
  12. I am expected to be in my designated classroom during class time. To leave the room, I require the teacher's permission.
  13. I am expected to report any vandalism or damage of school property to the school office or classroom teacher immediately upon discovery.
  14. I am expected to keep all tobacco products at home and not have or use them on school property.  The schools in Portage are all smoke free and violations of this policy are treated seriously.
  15. I am expected to avoid inappropriate shows of affection.  This includes avoiding physical contact in this respect.
  16. I am expected to behave responsibly and appropriately on the school premises, on the way to and from school, on out-of-school activities that are part of the school program; and while travelling on a school bus or in a vehicle being used as part of a school program.
  17. I am expected to be diligent in pursuing my studies, attend school regularly and punctually, cooperate fully with everyone authorised by the school to provide educational programs and other services, comply with the rules of the school, account to my teachers for my conduct and respect the rights of others at all times.

Staff Expectations

Staff is expected to carry out their responsibilities by:

  1. Setting and modelling good examples of behaviour, demonstrating respect for authority and due process, and being respectful of parents, colleagues and students;
  2. Acquiring the skill and techniques necessary to deal effectively with a wide range of student academic and behaviour needs;
  3. Establishing and maintaining a pleasant, safe, orderly and respectful learning environment throughout the school;
  4. Communicating information about student progress and achievement to students and parents.

Parent Expectations

Parents are expected to be partners with ÉAM and the Division in achieving a high quality of education for their children in a safe and secure environment. With this in mind, we expect parents to:

  1. Be aware of School Division policies concerning standards of behaviour, attendance, and procedures for dealing with inappropriate behaviour and remediation;
  2. Communicate with school staff concerning the scholastic achievement and personal deportment of their children/wards at scheduled student-led conferences and on other occasions as requested by either party;
  3. Be supportive of good learning through a home environment that encourages good study habits, completion of assignments on time and enthusiasm for learning;
  4. Encourage students to be respectful of Division staff, students, and property.

Arrival, Departure, Signing In and Out

  • Students are discouraged from being at school before 8:30. There is NO SUPERVISION before that time. 
  • Students arriving late must report to the office, sign in and get a late slip before proceeding to class.
  • For signing out/early leaving - At times throughout the school year students may have to leave school early for appointments, etc. Please send a note to school explaining the early leaving to the teacher or phone the school beforehand. 


Regular and punctual attendance is of paramount importance to all students. This is not only basic to satisfactory achievement but it is an important factor in June for determining exemptions. All student absenteeism must be covered by an explanation from the parent/guardian. This can be done either through a telephone call from the parent or guardian or a written explanation sent to the school.  For lengthy absences, it is expected the home will contact the school prior to the start of the absence, whenever possible.

Attendance at Special Events

Attendance at school is always compulsory for all events. Students will not be permitted to phone home on such days or on storm days. If, for some reason, attendance is optional a special letter will go home explaining this.

Bicycles, Rollerblades, and Skateboards

When riding to or from school, obey all traffic signs and rules. When you have reached the school grounds, get off your bike and WALK with it to where you lock it up. DO NOT ride your bike through the parking lot. Students who persist in riding on the grounds during school hours will not be allowed to bring their bikes to school. If you bring your bike to school, be certain that you safeguard it with a good lock. The school cannot be responsible for bikes lost or stolen. It is recommended that skateboards and roller blades not be brought to school. If brought to school they fall under the above same guidelines.

Bus Loading and Unloading/Evacuations

  1. This will be done on the North Side of the school only. (Bus loop)
  2. Supervisors will be present both in the morning and at dismissal.
  3. There is to be neither fooling around nor "horseplay" at these times.  Students are not to be playing in the field or on play structures between 8:30 – 9:00 a.m., as there is no playground supervision
  4. (Supervision is for bus unloading only).  Any students who are NOT bus students are asked not to wait with bus students at 3:30 p.m. due to congestion and supervision issues.
  5. Loading and unloading must be done in a prompt and orderly fashion.  Please impress upon your child to catch the bus immediately after dismissal.  With the "shuttle" system now being used, the bus driver cannot wait more than 2 minutes at pick-up time.
  6. Give all drivers your complete co-operation at all times.
  7. Parents will be contacted by the Principal or Vice Principal if any student is causing a problem. If the problem continues, the student may lose the privilege of riding the bus.
  8. Bus evacuation drills are held once a year for all students. 
  9. Students not taking a bus are expected to leave school grounds in a timely manner.

Care of School Property

  1. All students are expected to respect school property.  The cost of any damage caused through student carelessness or through disobedience of school regulations will be charged in full to the student or students involved.
  2. Students who wilfully damage property will be charged for necessary repairs and will suffer serious disciplinary action.
  3. Where applicable students will also clean up any damage or defacing that they have done.
  4. Where damage occurs and responsibility for this damage cannot be discovered, the cost of repairs may be charged to the Student Council.
  5. Note – Whiteout and sunflower seeds are NOT permitted in the school.  Students are discouraged from bringing any electronic devices or games, MP3s, I Pods, video cameras, cameras or cell phones to school. The school is not responsible for these items should they be lost or stolen.

Cell Phones

It is expected that students bringing cell phones to school use them in a responsible manner, i.e. they must remain in the student’s locker, turned off.  Students found with, or using cell phones in the classrooms or hallways during classes or breaks will have their phone confiscated until home time on the 1st offence.  Subsequent and / or continued violations will result in a phone call to the parent / guardian to come and pick it up and may also result in suspension.  For legal and privacy reasons students are prohibited from taking pictures of, or voice recording, or videotaping classroom activity or student and staff members without permission.  NOTE: Any students found sharing pictures electronically, (internet, Facebook, etc) without knowledge and consent from all participants will be subject to suspension or possible expulsion.  The RCMP may also be involved.  Please note that this applies to all school functions (field trips, dances, etc).

Classroom Expectations of Students

Each teacher has developed a set of reasonable expectations and consequences that contribute to the instructional program, to classroom harmony and to the development of student responsibility.

Classwork/Homework Expectations

All assigned class work is expected to be completed by students either in school or as homework.  Homework is assigned on an as needed basis.  If students allow themselves to get behind in their work, they may be put on probation. A Green Sheet will be filled out outlining what needs to be finished. This means they will be given one calendar week to complete all assignments.  If assignments have not been completed at that time, students may be suspended from class or school until the work is completed. 

Conduct Policy - Discipline Cycle

The following statements reflect the philosophy of École Arthur Meighen regarding student discipline.

  1. We believe that student discipline is a continuing process, the ultimate aim of which is the development of self-discipline on the part of the student within the school community and the community as a whole.
  2. While it is the collective responsibility of all staff members to discipline students in the building, the goal of student self-discipline is more attainable when there is on going communication and co-operation among parents, students, and school.
  3. Most discipline problems should be addressed by teachers on a daily basis in their classrooms through effective classroom management techniques.
  4. Teachers shall exercise such discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm, and judicious parent.
  5. Teachers and staff members will also concern themselves with character development and will give input (praise, criticism, guidance, direction, discussion, broadening of perspective, etc.) as regular as necessary in such areas as respect for others, respect for property, manners, honesty, thoughtfulness.

Students may earn an exemption from writing modules in June by:
1) achieving a final mark of 80% or better in a subject
AND 2) maintaining a proper standard of work until the end of the year in that subject.
AND 3) regular attendance and proper behaviour in that subject.
All three conditions must be met to receive an exemption.

Extra-Curricular Activities/Class Tours

École Arthur Meighen offers a variety of activities to provide students with opportunities to develop their interests and to make school experiences more enjoyable.  Please note that parents may be responsible for any extra costs involved.  Parents are encouraged to participate and "get involved".  Some of the activities we offer are:

  • basketball    
  • volleyball    
  • track & field       
  • student council    
  • badminton    
  • dances
  • drama
  • yearbook     
  • swimming  
  • downhill skiing    
  • noon activities    
  • curling  
  • choir
  • x-country
  • running club     

A teacher or another responsible adult will supervise all extra-curricular activities and class tours. Parental permission forms will be sent home, explaining the details of any tour or class trip. These must be returned signed by a parent or guardian.  A student may be asked to withdraw from extracurricular sports if these are interfering with proper academic progress.

Fire Drills

Fire drills will be held during the year, on a regular basis - ten per year.

Inappropriate Behaviours

All unacceptable behaviours and the actions taken will be recorded on a database in the office. Our discipline policy is progressive. Students are expected to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them, but if the student continues to show inappropriate behaviour, the seriousness of the discipline consequence is increased.


When a student is ill and cannot attend school, we request that the parent/guardian send a note to school explaining the absence when the student returns to school.  If a student develops an illness during school hours, the student or someone from school will phone home and report the situation.  At that time a decision on the course of action will be made - either to send the child home, arrange for pick-up or make other arrangements.

Library - Library Books

The Library will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. including most noon hours.  It is an interesting and quiet place in which to do research.  Our library is equipped with computers, CD ROM system and internet to assist you.  Please do your share to keep it clean and make certain to follow our procedures for signing out books.  Return borrowed books on time as others may wish to use them also.  Remember, you must pay for damaged or lost books.

Lost and Found

Each year a great number of articles of clothing, jewellery, watches, keys, etc. are turned into the lost and found area in the office. Many of these articles are of value and are never claimed. Students are reminded to continually check for articles they may have lost. We would encourage parents to mark their children's property, where possible, so belongings may easily be returned.  When parents are in the school, please check the lost and found area for any article your child may have lost. “Lost and Found” will be displayed at both Student-Led Conferences and at Awards Day in June.  Items will not be kept indefinitely.

Lunch Room

We strongly encourage parents who live within walking distance of the school to have their children return home for lunch.

  1. Students in grades 5 to 8 will eat in their homerooms. Students are to remain in the lunchrooms until 12:10 PM. Students are not allowed to eat outside.
  2. Students must leave the lunchrooms clean and tidy.
  3. Students who stay for lunch are not allowed to leave the school grounds at any time unless a note is received from parents. This must be done each and every time.
  5. Students are not allowed to go to the Co-Op to buy a lunch.


Newsletters are published on a monthly basis. They are emailed or sent home with the student, and can also be found on the school website.

Personal Appearance

Dress and grooming are important to the Student Body at any school. We ask that the students use common sense in their personal appearance and not wear clothing that can be hazardous in learning situations such as labs, shops, or gym. Students must wear shoes at all times. If situations arise where teachers and administration make a judgement that any apparel is offensive and/or inappropriate, students and/or parents will be notified and asked to correct the problem. Students will not be allowed to wear jackets in class and are not allowed to wear hats in school. As well, students are requested to have two pair of shoes: one pair for wearing in the school gymnasium; a second pair for class and outdoor wear.
Heavy chains on wallets or worn as jewellery are not allowed. Students will be asked to remove them and they will be kept in the office until dismissal. Our dress code applies to students on Field Trips and all dances.

Dress Code Clarification

In general, students are requested to dress in such a manner that would indicate that they have pride in themselves and in their school.

  • No excessively revealing low cut tops. 
  • No muscle shirts
  • Sunglasses cannot be worn in the school
  • No halter-tops, tube tops or spaghetti straps (must be 2 finger width straps)
  • No underwear showing: tops or bottoms
  • Skirts or shorts must be mid-thigh or longer
  • Midriff and back are to be covered   
  • No gang paraphernalia
  • Footwear must be worn at all times
  • No head coverings may be worn inside the school
  • No chains, which could be used as weapons are allowed
  • No shirts with objectionable material, including promotional references to:
    • drugs   
    • alcohol   
    • swear words   
    • violence     
    • gangs   
    • degrading others or oneself     
    • or any other unwholesome ideas


Personal Phone Calls

A student phone is available to students for personal phone calls, to be used only at breaks.  School policy is that we will not call students from class to the office phone, unless it is an emergency.  Only calls from immediate family will be forwarded.

The school secretaries will take phone messages for students and have them return a call at break or noon hour if necessary.

Physical Education

The Portage la Prairie Physical Education Teachers Association shall select a chairperson to liaise with the chairperson of the Principal’s Council and the Superintendent’s Department.
Issues that are not resolved by the Physical Education teachers shall be referred to the Principal’s Council for resolution.

24-Hour Rule (June 2004):

A parent/guardian may not approach a teacher and/or coach regarding a concern that involves their child and his/her participation in an athletic event until 24 hours after the concern was noted. Examples of a concern that would fall under the 24-hour rule would be playing time, coaching techniques, disciplinary issues, etc. Concerns that involve the direct safety of the child do not fall under the 24-hour rule. At the end of the 24-hour period the parent may contact the schools’ administration in consultation with the schools’ Physical Education Department to express their concerns.

All teams who do not have a teacher as a coach are expected to have a teacher on the bench to act as a supervisor for that team.

This applies to instances when you have non-teaching staff or community members coaching a middle years’ team.  Supervision expectations extend to after all games until all students from that team have been picked up and have left the school venue.

Failure to do so will result in that team/player not being allowed to participate.

Chain of Communication (June 2010):

The correct method for communicating concerns or requests from one school to another school, is for the requesting school’s Physical Education teacher to approach the home school’s Physical Education teacher regarding the concern or request.

The PLPPETA does not support members from one school community personally contacting another school’s Physical Education teacher regarding a request or concern. Should this happen that person shall be requested to follow the appropriate chain of communication before the concern or request will be addressed.

Playground Expectations for Students

  1. I am expected to observe the no contact rule.
  2. I am expected to play safe games that will not harm or potentially endanger others or myself.  Some examples of dangerous games are tackle football, tackle soccer, throwing snowballs, and play fighting.
  3. I am expected to use school and recreational equipment appropriately.
  4. I am expected to respect the rights of participants in organized games and not to disrupt the activity.
  5. I am expected to play in the designated areas.
  6. I am expected to ask permission of the supervising teacher before re-entering the school.
  7. I am expected to leave all snow, ice, stones, bricks, branches on the ground and never to throw them at anyone or anywhere on the school grounds.
  8. I am expected to show caring behaviours towards others.

Progress Reports - Visitation Days

Three major written reports will be sent home. In the fall, spring, and at the end of June.  Two Student Led Conference days will be arranged; one in the fall and one in the spring.  In addition to this, interim progress reports may be sent out to parents who should be informed of specific weaknesses or problems.  We would be pleased to discuss your child's progress with you at any time.

NOTE: Students are expected to attend both 1st and 2nd Conferences.

Public Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse visits our school monthly.  If you have any concerns, she may be contacted at 239-2413.


Students are expected to be punctual. If a student arrives late (after registration either in the morning or the afternoon,) the student must sign in at the office.  If it is determined that the late is not due to a legitimate reason the student may be denied access to class. 

Note: parents and guardians will be informed and expected to be part of an action plan to solve the problem.


The services of the Resource Teachers are available to all teachers and students.  The principal duty of the Resource Teachers is to assist in the teaching of students who are having difficulty learning.  Students may be referred to resource by their teachers, their parents, or by the School Administration. 

Referrals to student services (Psychology, Speech & Language, Reading, Hearing) should be made through the Resource Teachers or Guidance Counsellor.


Additional accident insurance forms will be available to all students in September.  It is the responsibility of the parent to apply for this coverage if they wish.  Note:  all students automatically have basic coverage through the Division. This is only for those that want additional coverage.


The Portage la Prairie School Division is a smoke free division. As such smoking is not allowed in any building, on any grounds belonging to the division, or at any school-sponsored event.  At École Arthur Meighen School, smoking is not allowed on the grounds, or any side of the street bordering the grounds.  If a student can be seen smoking within sight of the school they will be given the penalties outlined by the School Division’s policy, i.e. a one day out-of-school suspension the first time caught, a two day OSS the second time, etc. This may include possession of lighters.


The student body has the opportunity to participate in student council. The student council organises social activities, and assists with sports programs and house leagues.  It is important that conscientious students be involved in the council.  The council will be formed early in the school year.

SCHOOL SAFETY PROTOCOL (River Road, Traffic and Bus Loop)

  1. All parents, guardians, or car pool drivers who are dropping off, or picking up their students to ÉAM are expected, for safety reasons, to use the school parking lot drop off area NOT River Road or business properties.  The practice of stopping to drop students off on River Road (PR240) is not only dangerous but also illegal.
    If you want to drop students off earlier, the school is open early in the morning and students are allowed in the building when they arrive – no one has to wait outside in the cold.
  2. If students living “downtown” are leaving for lunch (to go home or to the hot-lunch program run by the Friendship Centre), they must use the walk way on the west side of River Road and cross at the River Road and Koko Platz crosswalk.
  3. No students are permitted to leave the school grounds during the school day unless they are going home for lunch.  Students are not allowed to go to the Co-Op at any time, including after school while waiting for the school bus, or after their arrival by bus before 9:00 a.m. If students leave the grounds to go to the Co-Op there will be special disciplinary measures to discourage this.  Students leaving will receive a warning and phone call home for the first offence, a two day suspension for the next offence and so on. If your child has special dietary concerns that can not be presently met by the school’s lunch program please call me and we can arrange to stock the items the Co-Op has.
  4. No public traffic is allowed through the bus loop when students are playing in the playground at noon hour (12:08 – 12:48) or recesses (10:20 and 2:06).  The bus loop is a restricted area and protected by law.  License plate numbers will be recorded and sent to the RCMP.
  5. Students walking to school from the Koko Platz – Mellenville area are reminded to use the back lane behind École Crescentview School and to walk on the side of the road when they get to Bridge Road. The safest methods of getting to school are school bus or parent drop off on the school grounds.  Any other method is not considered safe.


Substitute teachers have a very difficult job.  When they come to work in our school, they do not often know the students and class situations.  It is our expectation that each student will fully co-operate at all times with a substitute teacher.  Any violations will result in the student being removed from class. It may result in phoning a parent and being sent home for the remainder of the day.


Textbooks issued to students become their responsibility.  Students will be expected to pay for texts damaged or lost.  Textbooks will be checked periodically by the homeroom teacher.


Trespassing on personal property will not be allowed.  Students must keep to public walkways coming to school and returning home.

Loitering in groups on the street corners, or private properties around the school will not be tolerated.  (You may meet in groups on the school grounds.) Students must leave promptly after school if not waiting for a bus.

Trespassing and loitering will result in detentions or suspensions.


Truancy is defined as the absence from school for reasons not covered by the Public School's Attendance Act [260.1(2)].  This Act states, "that for short periods of time, children may be legally absent from school because of sickness or other unavoidable cause...e.g., school sponsored activities; court appearances; death in the family; or because of a religious holiday."  All other reasons for absenteeism could be considered as truancy.

Truancy shall be dealt with in the following manner:

  • Student may be required to make up missed time - morning, at noon, or after school.  (Maximum detention time shall not exceed one hour/day unless special arrangements have been made with the parent/guardian).
  • For frequent or chronic truancy, the student will be placed on a special monitoring list and shall be reported to the School Division's Attendance Officer.  Parents can be prosecuted for not ensuring their child attends school on a regular basis.  In School or Out of School Suspensions may result from chronic truancy.

In all cases of tardiness or truancy, the student is responsible for missed work. The assignments missed must be made up before the beginning of the next class.


Students are asked NOT to bring valuable items or large sums of money to school.  If they are lost or stolen the school cannot and will not replace them.  If, for some reason, students must bring large sums of money to school, the student should ask the teacher or the office to care for it. 

NOTE - Students are asked NOT to bring the following items to school:   MP3, Ipod, game boy, roller blades, skateboards, pagers or cell phones.

Locks are available from the office for $ 6.00. We encourage students to purchase a lock from the school because we can guarantee the lock (if it breaks).


All visitors to the school are most welcome.  We would ask that you first report to the office so that we are able to properly monitor who is in our school at all times.